Snivy 34

SPC Snivy

He is the best pokemon and the smartest. He is the leader of The SPC Snivy Crew. 


Name: SPC Snivy

Age: Can`t be told

Gender: Male

Birthday: Can`t be told

Type: Grass/Poison

Special Type: Psychic/Grass

Hates and his haters: SPC`s Tepig


  • He is the only male Snivy to appear in the series.
  • In SPC Snivy Shorts, he was a pignite due to Snivy not yet coming into the mail. However he was a Snivy plush in his debut as a Snivy.
  • If the plush SPC Snivy is never came, then he would never exist in the series.
SPC Snivy Form 2

SPC Snivy's Special Type (Psychic/Grass)

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