Snivy 34

SPC Snivy's actual apperance


Servine (female)

The awesome guy. He was supposed to join 2012, not 2009. His best friend is SuperPCWizKid2.


Gender - Male (of course)

Age - 10


Oshy and Bob (cancelled)

SPC Episodes (cancelled) Osher and Snivy (replaced by SPC Episodes)

SnivyFanBoys Shorts (currently airing)


These are Pokemon he owns:

SPC's Dewott ♂ - Originally confirmed female in early development. Name originally confirmed Oshy before final development. His birthday is March 11, 2000.

SPC's Snivy ♀ - She first appeared in SP001 (April Fools!!!). Her birthday used to be 9/1/02 but It didn't fit with her so it was changed to 9/18/02.

SPC's Oshawott (Osher) ♂ - He is awesome bro of Oshy, Dewott and Samurott. His birthday is May 3, 2002

SPC Snivy (Pokemon) ♂ - He made his debut in SP001 (April Fools!) when he was discovered be Snivy, Oshawott, and the rest of the foolers. He was also battling with PaperOwlFilms, my archenemy and he was the last one standing before he got hit by Snivy Smash Attack. In SuperChespin's series, he appears as a Servine due to Snivy being taken. His birthday is September 12, 2002 (making him the 10th member of the Serperiorx family)

Owned for the seriesEdit

SPC's Servine ♂: Originally confirmed female in early development. Name originally confirmed Bob before final development. His birthday is March 21, 2000

SPC's Servine (Female) ♀ - She is basically servine, but 2 years and 1 day younger than the male servine (his birthday is March 21, 2000). Also she is smarter, and likes hanging out more than her male relative. Her birthday is March 22, 2002.




Tepig, Pignite's annoying Brother.


Electro Bros.

SPC's Pignite ♂ - He is seperate from Tepig and he is Emboar's bro. His birthday is March 1, 2000

SPC's Pikachu Bros ♂ - They are the best of the best. Their birthdays are June 15, 2002.

SPC's Tepig: Pignite's annoying brother. He is the youngest in the series because he is 7 years old. His birthday is July 16, 2006 and his egg was created on November 18, 2001.



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