She is SPC's Oshawott, SPC's Tepig, SPC's Pignite's sister. She is also a friend of SPC Snivy (Pokemon).


Gender: Female

Age: 10

Birthday: September 18, 2002


Snivy is the only pokemon not given a full name yet. Other pokemon such as Osher, have 2 names (Osher and Stinky Oshawott), A female Servine who's name is The Servine, SPC Snivy who's name is SPC Snivy (of course), Servine who's name is Grass Guy, 3 Pikachus which their names are Electro Bros (all 3 of them).

Snivy is the only pokemon to get her birthday changed. At first it was september 1 2002 but later she was 6 days younger than spc snivy

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