this version of spc's servine is female too
Some attributes
Gender Female (never made it)
Lives with nobody
Debut Clash of the Abilities
Other attributes
Fourth {Template:Fourth
Servine's Fighter Forme is a female fighter version of Servine. He never made it into SPC Snivy's videos and was replaced by SPC's Servine (Female). He was known after the old servine used his gender switch abilty. his only apperance was in Clash of the Abilities and the regular Female-transformed SPC's Servine dreamed of being that. not only that, he did make a couple cameos in flashbacks and being mentioned in servine's gender switch as Super Servine and therefore servine wanted to be in this form in the next episode but he never made it and had to use his gender switch ability again (as female). therefore servine wanted to keep gender switch, however, in Servine gets the ultimate gender switch, servine started switching between male and female with his gender switch ability.

Moves that was never learned as a maleEdit

Attract (was learned at the end of Season 1 as a male)

Explosion (cannot legitamateley learn, exploded the arena and pignite)

Mentions and flashbacksEdit

Servine's Gender Switch - Super Servine (after he turned female)

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