The title card from EP108 with Everyone removed

These are episodes that were removed from rotation due to a certain scene.

SPC EpisodesEdit

Everywhere in the world

Reason: This episode was cancelled due to lack of remembering the episode and the clips being deleted. Only two clips were aired on youtube and the rest of the clips were never aired. anywhere.

Everywhere except the US

Reason why: The pokemon got too angry to be aired anywhere else in the world. As a matter of fact, SPC's Snivy was as angry as SPC's Servine. Servine threw everyone into the wall because he was the angriest of them all. However, at the end of Season 1, this episode was aired as SPC Episode - IM AN ANGRY MAN!!! The City of Angry Pokemon! (EP018) but an alternate title was The Island of Angry Pokemon

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