Poke adventures

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Started off at The fun mario bros in 2011, wiki is at then PaperOwlFilms, my archenemy stole the name and i gave the series to him. Around Christmas 2012 i though of the name poke adventures although an episode featuring SPC's Dewott and Mario but never got close to recording. SPC's Servine wasn't planned to be in the series but got into the next stage of development (Oshy and Bob) where he was female along with Dewott but both changed to male the next second. Oshy and Bob was still planned, but never got close. Then, when SuperChespin made Pokemon Adventures after i made the first SPC Episode I was planning i was going to make Pocket Monster World with only pokemon but failed so this my have a History of Development Video.

Why this series was cancelledEdit

This series was cancelled due to me having a lack of amount of pokemon. The only one i had in early development were SPC's Pikachu Bros, SPC's Dewott, and SPC's Servine (he wasn't going to be in the series)

Learn moreEdit

For earlier development, go to and you will find future development. A few episodes were aired, but no new episodes will be aired again. It's all PaperOwlFilms, my archenemy's fault!!!!!!!! D:<

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