This is KARTY AWSOME! Anyway the main plot is me (SPC Snivy) and my friends (including the youtubers) turn into minature size by Baby Bowser's spastic magic. Fortunately, we can fit in the party board. But our


The LightweightsEdit

  • Osher - Weight 1 (13 pounds)
He is awesome, but very light and tends to get hurt more by SPC Snivy 2.0 and his 2.0 friends.
  • Snivy - Weight 1 (17 pounds)
She is Osher's brother, cool and epic, but she tends to jump over SPC Snivy 2.0 as an advantage, compared to her older brother Osher.
  • SPC Snivy - Weight 2 (75 pounds)
He is a lightweight due to the middleweights being too big for a Snivy. He is a little heavier than
  • SuperPCWizKid2 (SPC2 LoveWIZ) - Weight 2 (64 pounds)
This guy should be a middleweight, however his upgrade is a middleweight while the other upgrades are heavyweights. No actually, he matches my weight, so I needed this guty to be a lightweight with me. He is my cousin and he's epic and he can avoid any upgrade.
  • The Annoying Tepig - Weight 2 - (21 pounds)
Everybody hates him.

The Average Weights (Middleweights)Edit

  • SuperChespin (SC Chespin) - Weight 3 (95 pounds?)

He is SPC Snivy and Themariofan16's best friend, he's epic and average, but SuperChespin 2.0 (SC Chespin 2.0) hurts him so much that his kart might not suit him.

  • Themariofan16 - Weight 3 (95 pounds?)

He is epic, and me and SuperChespin's other best friend. But Themariofan16 2.0 tend to throw stuff on his head, rather than the other 2.0s.

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