Ender Title Screen (Before Loading Bar)

Ender is a cancelled game made by SuperPCWizKid (before he really became SPC Snivy or before Snitendo existed). It was shown at SPC Snivy E3 2013 as Ending up being cancelled. No rooms exist in this game, however a trailer and a start screen was made for it. It says it was created in 2012 but it was actually started in March 2013.

The Demo of Ender was a new revision, with SuperPCWizKid being changed to SPC Snivy E3 2013 Demos, SPC Snivy being a pallete swap of Snivy, and more.


  • SPC Snivy (unlockable)
  • Snivy
  • Sonic (unused)
  • Enderman (boss)

Why it was cancelledEdit

This game was cancelled due to it being boring and a lack of progress in making the game. It was seen as a Tech Demo at SPC Snivy E3 2013, and could be played by downloading it from SPC Snivy's 4shared or his Sandbox.

Ender Title Screen (Loading Bar incomplete)


Ender Title Screen (Loading Bar complete)

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